The 2023 New Template Nike VAPOR F.U.S.E. For NFL Cheap Jerseys

The first cosmetic change for 2023 concerns the new template used for wholesale jerseys online by almost all NFL teams, who have chosen to move away from the Vapor Untouchable to the more modern Vapor F.U.S.E. In fact, the template is not even that unprecedented, since it has been used by Nike-sponsored NCAA teams for years.

As is obvious, the new template arrives with its sampler of technical improvements (lightness, breathability, greater mobility allowed in the shoulder area), but at the end of the day what we spectators are most interested in is the aesthetic aspect, and the new template features a collar with a decidedly more conspicuous base than the Untouchable template; this has aesthetic consequences especially for those teams that have decorated collars (such as the Bills, for example). Another feature is the conspicuous V-shaped seam under the collar, which leads to a slight lowering of the numbers on the front of the best nlf jersey.

There are actually two alternative templates with the same collar. One, adopted by the Colts, Falcons, Patriots, Rams and Texans for their main uniforms, has a horizontal seam. The other, adopted by the Jets for the white main high quality jersey, has part of the seam slanted and part horizontal.

The Jets chose to keep the Untouchable template for the green main best quality wholesale jersey and black alternate and switched to the F.U.S.E. template for the white main jersey and throwback. Same for the Commanders, who kept the Untouchable for the colored main jersey and alternate, while adopting the F.U.S.E. for the white cheap nfl jersey.

Three teams opted to keep the Untouchable for both main jerseys: Bengals, Broncos and Buccaneers. The Packers are the only team that never switched to Nike templates, forcing the Oregon firm to recycle old Reebok templates.